Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Before I get too much farther into this blog, I would like to dedicate it to the man whose idea it was almost two years ago.

In March of '07 when I was in the hospital and my hubby and family were trying to keep everyone up-to-date on my status, my dad -- with his infinite and practical wisdom -- said you know you guys should really create something that's easy for you to update and easy for everyone to access, you should start a "Butt Blog!" 

Well for whatever reason I have waited and procrastinated and am just starting it now. And as usual I should have just listened to my dad in the first place, would have made life easier for everyone! 

Although he's not with us to see this actually come to life, I know he's just loving it. When I came up with the name, I could hear his big belly laugh when something really got him going and knew it was just meant to be.

Dad, you are still inspiring me everyday and giving me the strength to travel along this journey with perseverance, laughter and feistyness. Thanks for continuing to give me gentle pushes even from heaven. I love you.


Amy Storch said...

I'm glad you seemed to enjoy your experience today. I'm happy to say that mine have never been concious sedation. Not sure I'd want to be awake for these.

I am surprised to hear you had never had an upper endoscopy. I know you had the pill cam prior to surgery but had assumed they'd check you from all ends prior to moving ahead. Either way, as we discussed it seems the surgery was necessary regardless of any change in diagnosis.

You mentioned that there were ulcers in your pouch. Would this cause you to believe it was Crohn's? The reason I say that is that I assume your pouch was formed from you small intestines. Because your small intestines is affected it would seem likely that it was crohn's. Never hoping this but simply trying to figure it out along side you.

I'll be sure to follow your blog and hope for the best possible outcome.

Al said...

Hi Amy,

Sorry it took so long to respond. I actually never had the capsule last year, since they pretty much all decided that the colon needed to be removed and they were pretty convinced it was UC they did not want to put me through another test.

You have the ulcer part correct, this is just one of the reasons they think this may be Crohn's, but it's not a 100% that because I have ulcers that its Crohn's. We'll see. Yes my pouch was created from the small intestine. Hope that answers the questions for now. Thanks for following the blog.

Spanky Manky said...

What a wonderful photo. I am so glad this blog is here...I have a lot to read up on...