Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Test 1 Upper GI/Butt Photo Shoot -- Check

** Warning, this is being posted while still under the effects of the fabulous drugs they gave me today so I could go to dreamland while they did their thang.**

Ok, so test 1 of 3 is done. Basically they took two cameras/scopes, put one down my throat and one up the other end to take a closer look around. The upper GI portion was to look at the throat and esophagus, I've never done that one before. The other was to look at my j-pouch, my typical butt photo shoot, that part of me apparently isn't camera shy at all.

Not too much news to report from this lovely experience. Said the upper part looks to be ok, found some ulcers in my j-pouch (my regular GI saw the same thing at my last photo shoot in September) and so they took some biopsies. The Dr. said that my next two tests should be able to see more and hopefully help figure out all my issues (ok just by butt issues, my head issues are another story.) He also said that my sphincter (funny word) muscle does not seem to be strong at all. There will probably be some procedure to test the strength of my butt h*** and that will probably be exciting.*

So all in all good because we are crossing things off the list, a little frustrating because it would have liked a few more answers but that was probably to be expected. I'm going to go rest my soar butt and sleep now. I will leave you with the five best things about today's photo shoot.
1. Conscious Sedation
2. They say nice things to you like, "Wow you have GREAT veins."
3. Oreo Cookies and Juice following the shoot, I feel so glamorous
4. Warm Blankets -- they take them out of a warmer and wrap you in them, so nice.
5. Did I mention Conscious Sedation?

*Note -- I have been asking my surgeon -- EGO -- about my "muscle" tone down there for months because I've been convinced it was not right and he, along with another jerky surgeon dude, looked at me like I was crazy, did one measly little exam and deemed my muscles "strong." Nice Ego and jerky surgeon dude, thanks for listening and poo-pooing so to speak that I'm pooing my pants!


Aim said...

Oreos and juice! Nice! :) Glad you started your blog...I'll be a loyal follower. Love the name and love you!

Mrs.Newton said...

Yum, Oreos, juice & nice warm blankets! Not a consolation for the invasion, but at least it's something. :) One down, three to go. You are on your way, girl!!

Laura said...

So excited that it feels like some progress is happening! I know it's been a LONG road... I'm so proud of you and admire your strength and attitude through it all! I'm praying for ya and I'm loving the blog... great way to stay up to date.

Love you! And so thankful for you! Hugs and kisses to Chuch too :)