Friday, August 15, 2014

August is awesome

I like August. We start it off celebrating our wedding anniversary and end it with our little HeRo's birthday!

This year the hubs and I have been married for 9 years! Last year in single digits. Woo hoo.  Dang I love this guy and every year I love reflecting back on that wonderful day and all we've done and been through together and then looking forward to what may lie ahead. I've said it before, but I'm so proud of us and also continually humbled at how lucky we are to have each other. Our life is not an easy one for a number of reasons, but it is truly beautiful. Love you babe. 

And then there's this guy! How can he be turning 2 already?! He is just too darn cute and spunky and oh so cuddly. It's like we blinked and he is a big boy. Talking (mostly his own language, but very expressively), figuring out the world around him and showing us his personality.  It's so great and amazing to be his mama. I know he will understand things in life earlier than others because of my health and  the story of how our family came to be. But I hope that it makes him more empathetic and tolerant towards others. He's a love bug, giving bear hugs and kisses.  Bad he already has picked up more than we realize. 

The other day one of the pads I use to cover my storms fell out of my bag. He picked it up and tried to put it on him self like he sees me doing everyday. Then toddled over and gave it to me. It was heart melting and made me tear up. I know. He doesn't know any different but something in that moment struck me both in a proud and sad way. I suspect this theme will reoccur over and over in our lives. 

As we prepare to celebrate this little man. I can't help but swell with happiness at the joy and gift he is. Happy birthday (early) little man. 

And aside from these two great guys I get to call mine, we've gotten to celebrate a few other people we love to the moon and back this month. It's all been quite lovely really. And always reminds me that although I struggle health wise, my village is as amazing as they come. What more could a girl want? 

Happy August!

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Rocio said...

Awwww, you know my heart melted reading about H & your precious moment with him. Like you said, he'll be wise beyond his age & that was a perfect example. He loves his mommy!