Monday, October 22, 2012

The Pooping Chair

Only in our house would a seemingly regular bouncy chair, come to be known as the Pooping Chair. You see, our little HeRo has quite a tough time in the mornings getting rid of his gas. It breaks this mama's heart mostly because I know how BAD trapped gas is and I just cry when I can tell he's in so much pain. We had unpacked the bouncy chair a few weeks ago after we received it from our dear friends (thanks B&C) and the babe loved it right away. But it wasn't until last week when the real magic of the chair showed itself. After a particularly rough morning for the little digestive system, I put him in the chair to see if it would distract him and that it did. It vibrated and jiggled a big ole poop right out of him, hooray! I thought it was just a fluke but it happened then next few mornings in a row and I knew we were on to something. One day the pooping chair worked it's magic three times!

Now I know all new mamas and daddy's are obsessed with the state of their new baby's diapers. But I think I may be just a little more into it, you can imagine why. But when my baby finally has that big explosion, it makes me so happy and relieved. Gross maybe, but what would this blog be without the poop talk. Now if only I could fashion an adult poop chair hooked to my kpouch when I just can't get the gas out, hmmm.

Enjoy some pics of the magical chair...

 I'm in my "office", do you need something lady?!

 Just relaxing and letting "it" happen.

 This chair is magic.

It's productive and entertaining!

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Rocio said...

Ha, I see why his bouncy chair is his magical chair & why mommy loves it so much ;-) Go HeRo!