Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Patch x2

As new parents, we of course are into all the "firsts" and a trip (or two) to the pumpkin patch is no different. 

We have a very open adoption with HeRo's birth mother and sister (I know I need to do a big blog post on that.) Our recent visit two weeks ago, was HeRo's first pumpkin patch and it was such a great day, hotter than two bowls of soup, but nice. We've found that for now, meeting and doing an activity is a great way to continue to get to know each other in this new, very different but beautiful relationship.

Then this past weekend, we went to our local pumpkin patch with our dearest friends. I have to say that seeing all the kids together, ours being one of them, really made my heart so happy. I can't wait for many pumpkin patch pictures in the year's to come. HeRo is going to be surrounded by a lot of older girls doting on him, somehow I don't think he'll mind;)

I love fall and this year it's proving to be that much more magical -- even if it's been disgustingly HOT in So Cal.

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The Nichelsons said...

EVERYTHING is more magical sharing it with your baby ... isn't is just ... amazing isn't even strong enough!! And it gets better and richer with every day, every experience(even when you think it couldn't possibly!).