Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It's busy around here. So here's a quick bullet pointed update:)

  • The kitchen is coming along really nicely. All the flooring, cabinets, and countertops (with undermount sink) are installed. I love it so much already. We should have the actual sink and disposal along with my new BFF, the dishwasher, hooked up tonight. Hooray.
  • I couldn't do Humira last night, because I realized the sinus pressure I was having quickly moved into sinus infection category last night. I just got back from the dr with a confirmation  -- apparently both nasal passages are almost swollen shut and the left is full of puss -- yeah! I start antibiotics now with a nasal spray to hopefully prevent the ear infection that is threatening. I'll just be happy to have this headache ease up and be back to Humira. Here's hoping my little GI tract doesn't take this as an invitation to go crazy.
  • And because going to the dr is never dull for me. I was telling my PCP, Dr A, that I was having a weird pain in my left arm. He had me straighten my arm rotate it so thumb was down and then he pushed on it. I said ouch, and he said you have rotator cuff tendonitis. Excuse me what?! I don't do anything strenuous, must be a sympathy injury for all the Olympics I'm watching.
  • Speaking of Olympics, I'm obsessed. I do like to hear the spoilers before hand though, makes the anxiety a little less and the viewing more enjoyable for me. 
  • I can't believe it's August. So many exciting things happening for us this month -- finish the kitchen, our 7th wedding anniversary on Monday, hub's little brother's wedding next weekend, trip to the lake and much more. Yeah for August.
  • Did I mention I'll have a dishwasher soon:) I bought my first dishwashing soap yesterday and it made me happy.
That's it for now. Be back soon with before and afters...

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