Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's Happening

Just a quick little update. We've had one of the best, busiest, craziest weeks around here. What we've been up to would make a "normal" person tired (just ask the hubs) so you can only imagine what it's doing to my poor little body. I'm wiped, can barely move and well it's just a testament that even good stress wreaks havoc.

I did Humira again on Monday, still hurts like crazy but thanks to my Crohnie friend, I take 2 tylenol about half hour before and it takes the edge off. Thanks P! And although I'm not seeing a huge difference day to day, what I am noticing is that about 5 days before my injection things start to get more painful -- both bowel and joint -- so maybe it's helping a bit in that first week. Fingers crossed that's the case and that the more I have in my system the more I'll notice.

So as usual, all I can do is listen to myself, stand up for myself, say no even when I hate it, and remember that even though I want to do everything, that's just not my reality, it's not my normal. It's hard, it stinks but it's ok.

And even though my body sucks. Life is good.

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