Saturday, February 4, 2012


(we love Instagram. One of the hubs pics from a flower in my mom's yard.)

As happens around here quite often, we are faced with some very big, hard and confusing decisions to make in relation to my health (I'll elaborate after my appts on Tuesday.) Sometimes that can weigh very heavily on my over thinking brain, when I try to weigh the good and the not so good.

But then I remember that at least I have choices. And even though sometimes I'm astonished at the types of things the hubs and I have to consider just to get through this crazy life, I can often times laugh it off at the most crucial moments when I feel I might break.

And lately I've found some serious inspiration in a few online finds in Choosing Joy and Never Ever Giving Up in the face of some serious crap.

First there is Ashley at the wildly successful blog and business, Lil Blue Boo. I don't know how I came across her blog, but I was instantly hooked by her cuteness, humor, cute style and most importantly her journey in the last year and the outlook she works towards everyday. She is quick to remind she has bad days, but that she chooses to push through. I look forward to her updates, every day. I find her amazing. Plus she's a SoCal girl too;)

Then there's Jesse Joy Rees, the 12 year old girl from Orange County who recently lost her battle with brain cancer. But before she did, she made such an impact in the fight to care for kids with cancer, it's absolutely awesome. She coined the phrase, Never Ever Give Up, or NEGU for short. And well if that doesn't say it all, I don't know what does. Her family is continuing her mission with so much vigor, it's exciting. Check out their Facebook page too, they are trying to reach 250,000 likes by what would have been Jesse's 13th bday in April. This just goes to show that every person, no matter the age can change the world of someone around them. She had an unfair lot dealt to her, but she dealt with it with the grace that many adults never find.

And in the midst of it all, my mind was quieted and at peace as I was lucky enough to, by chance, watch the funeral procession of a fallen soldier who had just arrived home from war last week. If you've never seen a military, police or fire processional it really is one of the most beautiful things. That may seem weird to say but, there is just something about the seemingly endless stream of cars and motorcycles quietly moving in sync. This particular procession had at least 75 motorcycles in it, most with giant American flags on the back and it was breathtaking. And for a few moments in time, people weren't bugged and irate over having traffic at a stop. We all just sat in our cars, taking it in for a good 10 minutes. I'm so glad I was lucky enough to see this. A true human moment, where nothing else really mattered.

And so as I'm contemplating, researching, hoping, praying and processing, I'm also being inspired by beautiful people and moments all around. I'll take it. I know no matter what we decide we will hold strong and choose how we react to it.

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Unknown said...

Your strength, resolve, and spirit is beyond beautiful, Al. Think of you often - sending loads of love your way! xo-Mands