Monday, January 30, 2012

A Reunion of Sorts

Per my last appointment with my GI, I went to see my British Surgeon Dude last week to ensure I don't have any mechanical problems with my pouch. Remember that my MRI showed a significant amount of stool hanging out in there and my GI was slightly concerned by it.

I hadn't been down to the surgeon's office in about a year and a half, since before I went to the Cleveland Clinic and before Super Surgeon Dude passed away. So it was going to be a big visit.

I made the drive to SD by myself and that was a bit tough because my dumb body likes to go numb after about an hour in the car. But I made it.

It was nice to see everyone in the office, the super cute and tiny receptionist is pregnant and lovely as ever. Super Surgeon Dude's daughter was actually working the front desk as well and that was a nice surprise, a piece of him there. I loved seeing the nurse. It was like nothing had changed at all, even went into the same old room.

British Surgeon Dude came in and talked to me for a bit about what has been going on. He did say that sometimes Crohn's does happen in people with pouches and he even quoted his mentor, saying "There's nothing like a pouch to bring out the Crohn's in someone." That made me laugh. We talked about options and decided that treating with medicine is the way to go for now.

He then scoped my pouch and said that everything looks good. I got to watch and he explained everything to me, which was cool. It actually looked better than my scope in December so I know the meds are working. He said he would review my MRI results with the radiologists, but for now to keep on doing what I was doing.

So what is it that I'm doing?

Well, I was taking the enemas every night and then started the pill form of the meds as well after my GI appt. It definitely helped to take both, but then I was having other side affects so I decided to stop the enemas and even though the side effects were gone, after a week the pain in my abdomen and smelly stool was back. So I started taking the enemas again this weekend. I'll have to deal with the side affects for now until I go back to the GI next Tuesday.

I'm holding on. Definitely feeling better than before the holidays, thank goodness, but still working towards a bit more of a leveled off place.

As I said, I go to the GI again next week and to my new GYNO as well. So until then, as long as I stay the same and don't get worse, that's a win!!!

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