Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Spirit

Today as we gather with our families and as we've spent the last weeks soaking in the holiday spirit, I'm reminded of all the goodness there is around us. It's often easy to get caught in what we don't have at the holidays or the things we desperately wish that Santa will bring, but then every so often, if our hearts are open, we get reminders of the reason for the season.

Reminder 1

A few weeks ago, I had found and ordered the perfect Christmas gift for my hubs from a vendor on Etsy (love that site) Running On the Wall sells pieces to display running medals and race bibs in an organized and prominent way instead of in a box somewhere never to be looked at again. I was so excited as I knew he would love it. However, I was not paying great attention when I placed the order and although I thought I did, I did NOT specify the color I wanted. So when they arrived in the green color that it clearly states as the standard color, I was a little shocked and disappointed and then was mad at myself once I realized the mistake was mine.

I thought for a brief while that the green would be ok, but then decided it wasn't. So I emailed the vendor asking if I could send back the originals, have them repainted and sent back and that I would pay shipping both ways and labor charges. I got a response within three hours that they would of course send me brand new signs in the color I wanted at no charge to me at all except for shipping the originals back! I was floored, I mean I just don't encounter this type of "old school" business practice that often, especially when it was my mistake. It really warmed my heart, especially now, and reminded me of the goodness of people. I'm still amazed.

So if you are looking for a present for the runner in your life, please visit the Running on the Wall shop, you won't be disappointed with the product or the service.

Reminder 2

My sweet friend MM is one of those people who truly wishes she could solve the world's problems and she tries desperately to do so one person at a time, sometimes to her own detriment;) But each Christmas I'm truly amazed at how she takes her normal generosity up a notch. Whether it's chasing the garbage man down the street to make sure he gets his holiday tip (she's the queen of tipping etiquette), or adopting a family in need with her friends at work, or hiring someone who is in financial need to bake cookies for a party she's going to, she never ceases to find an opportunity to serve. It's a good reminder to find little ways each day to show people they are appreciated and loved.

Reminder 3

On the recommendation from our dear friends C&J, we bought our Christmas tree from a local youth organization this year rather than from L.owes or H.ome D.epot. It was a little more expensive and our tree was very dry, but the experience of having these young kids enthusiastically show us the trees, take the time to find one we liked with no holes and the conversations had were just amazing and we left there with such a warm feeling. It wasn't about the tree, it was about helping these kids but really them helping to remind us of what really matters.

These are just a few of the blessings we've seen this holiday season and I'm thankful that with all we have going on, our eyes are still open to the bigger picture and to the seemingly "little" gestures. Merry Christmas to you all and Happy Holidays. We hope you are surrounded by love and peace.


Heather said...

We were sorry to miss you over Christmas. Hope you are both well. Let us know the next time you are up this way. Lots of love, Heather, Joe, and Gabriella

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