Thursday, December 22, 2011

Al's Mailbag: Holiday Edition

Dear Wrapping Station,

You may not be a wrapping room at Spelling Manor (did you watch that on HGTV?!), but you sure did make my gift wrapping and Christmas crafting life so much easier. My body thanks you and my organizational brain loves you to pieces. Why didn't I think of this sooner?

Love, The Chronicles of Crap Wrapping Elf

Dear Christmas Ambiance,

Oh how we love you. You just make our spirits Merry and Bright. Our home is always our favorite place, but at Christmas time we love sitting by the tree(s), sipping a hot beverage from the Keurig and taking in all the glory of the season. Thanks for surrounding us this time of year.

Love, Your Owners

Dear New Arrivals,

You are so very Pur-dee! The laundry gods deemed it time to purchase new machines last weekend (there's never a good time, is there?) After checking to make sure your predecessors were really capoot and some extensive research on front load vs top load, we found you at L.owes. We are thankful we could take you home so quickly and start doing quiet, fluffy laundry. Merry Christmas to us.

Love, The Laundry Fairies

Dear New Girl on Fox,

I HEART you. I really can't say much more. At the end of each episode I proclaim to the hubs how happy your show makes me. I laugh out loud, I'm practically giddy with anticipation before watching each episode. You had me when I saw the main character was my girl crush, but you sealed the deal with a set of perfectly cast male roommates, excellent writing and awesome songs. I believe everyone should be watching this show for their health, do it, I promise you will laugh tat least once. Thank you for bringing TV pleasure to our living room. Your holiday episode was awesome, now if we could just get our DVR to stop cutting off the last two minutes of each episode!

Love, New Girl's biggest FanGirl

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