Sunday, November 13, 2011

Love Letters

Dear Breakfast Food,

Thank you for making me want to eat you. I'm having a massive loss of appetite problem, which makes me very very sad. But I really couldn't deny french toast lovingly made by the hubs this morning.

Love, My Full (although hurting) Belly

Dear Hunter Rain Boots,

I know I briefly mentioned that you came into our little family in my birthday post. But I really think you need a more prominent shout out. I HEART you. I HEART the cute cable knit socks that the hubs bought to go with you. And I can't wait for more sock options. I'm so excited because I have some cute long gray ones on the way, thanks to the fabulous Barb:) So don't you worry, I promise to accesorise you, wear you and shine you proudly.

Love, My Happy, Splashing Feet

Dear Saturday Weather,

You were perfect for curling up and watching some of my favorite movies all day long, since as I mentioned I'm not feeling so hot. I loved your gloomy, rainy appearence. Please come back again real soon.

Love, A Fall Weather Fan

Dear ABC Family,

Thank you for airing said movies and making it Harry Potter weekend! You warmed my little heart so. Perfect timing on your part.

Love, A Hogwarts Student Want-to-Be

Dear The Next Two Weeks,

I'm very much looking forward to you, but I'm also a little scared because I know they are going to be busy, even for a totally able bodied person. So I need to keep "spooning" up as much as I can so I can power on through. Please be kind.

Love, The Girl With the Naughty Body


Mrs.Newton said...

Um, dying over those boots! I soooo want those too!!

Rocio said...

Where do I begin?! I am also in love with my Hunter's (yes we happen to have matching ones!) and I was thrilled for the rainy weather to wear them! And I have never seen a better way to explain life with IBD as with the spoon theory, so thank you for sharing. Only thing I didn't like was you not feeling well these days. Let me know if or how I can help. Seriously!