Sunday, October 16, 2011

True Story

I was at a lovely little dinner party this evening with some of my favorite people. Unfortunately I had to empty my pouch while there because well, it's having an issue with me eating or drinking anything. And while that's all true, that's not the punch line to this story.

After my empty as I was tidying up the bathroom, as I have to do, I bent over to get the airfreshner and my favorite necklace (one my mom had worn long ago and given to me) got caught on the toilet paper holder and broke into four different pieces! Yes I broke my necklace on the toilet paper thing, only in my life would that happen. I tell you people the bathroom can be a dangerous place;)

Good news, I think I can take the necklace to a jeweler to have it fixed. I'm going to do that this week since I wear it with a lot. UGH!

Oh the stories of my life.

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