Sunday, September 25, 2011

Emergency Preparedness

I find this very real and serious conversation the hubs and I had on the plane to Hawaii funny. Maybe not hahaha funny, but yes this is our life funny;)

Me: (After reviewing the safety features of our Airbus 767, or whatever it was.) Ok, if we ever have to make an emergency landing, I know they say not to grab anything, but we have to get my catheter. It's right in my purse, we don't need my whole pack, just the catheter. Everything else I can live without.

Hubs: Ok, show me again where it is. Don't worry one of us will always know/be able to grab your tube in an emergency.

Me: Thanks babe, your the best. (Then we both turned back to our books.)

It was as if all people have this convo. And although if I had a straw I could improvise, I would NOT want to do that unless absolutely necessary, I'd be so worried about my valve. And remember, I can't go much more than 12 hours in a pinch without emptying my stool, so this is imperative.

There you have it folks, just another day in the Chronicles of Crap life.

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