Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mish Mash

I'm not feeling very creative in the writing department these days. Yet, an update is necessary if only for posterity's sake.

So here's a smattering of what's happening around these parts.

1. The good old body is well being itself. I'm having some twangs of intestinal distress, but I'm hoping that it's nothing. Do you think that tactic will work?;)

2. I called for the results of my hip MRI but unfortunately my rheumy is on vaca until next week. He'll call me when he's back and at that time I'll ask him about a few other symptoms I'm having. Oh the joy. Good news is I'm going with there is nothing emergent to report from the MRI.

3. I had the MRI of my abdomen a week and a half ago. I realized while I was there that I had actually never had an MRI of the abdomen. I know, gasp, right. Well I realized this because I had to do a series of 50 different breath holds during the scan, one of which was 38 seconds long. I assure you I would have remembered that.

4. I did a basic yoga class with my lovely friend N last Friday. It was on the street in a nearby beach community. It was so good for my Fibromyalgia, not so good for my arthritis. It was so great to be out there mentally, but also a bit frustrating because my left hip is definitely very injured. I'll keep trying a very gentle yoga approach and do what I can do. My problem is holding myself back.

5. It's our sixth wedding anniversary on Saturday! I just love that day to celebrate our sweet relationship. No big plans and I like it that way.

6. We are having some professional pictures taken on Sunday morning. We haven't had any since our wedding day! It will be nice to have some so close to our anniversary and we are hoping for the perfect picture for our revised Adoption letter and website we are working. Intrigued?

7. I can't believe it's August already, where does the time go.

8. Our poor Charlie girl has terrible allergies. One of the worst cases our vet has seen in a dog her age. And to that I say, could she be any more meant to be my dog? She's on the mend now with some medicine.

9. I go next week to my GI to review my blood work and see how the iron infusions worked and also get the results of the above mentioned abdominal MRI.

That's the latest from these parts.

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