Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bite The Dog

My friend A, told me a story about her dad as a child. He would get so frustrated that he would bite his little plastic or wooden dog toy (you know that one you had with the little string that you used to pull it around.)

Well since hearing this story, when I'm super frustrated or feel that little kid type rage that makes you want to just throw a fit and stomp your feet, I say, "I need to bite the dog right now."

Well it's a "Bite the dog" type of day. Nothing that can't be overcome, but just more continual figurative slaps in the face of my situation and the ramifications it has for me and the hubs.

No need to worry. I'm just pissed at some injustices, the details aren't important, it's that it seems we can't catch a freaking break to save our lives. Sometimes it just feels like no matter if we do everything right and everything within our control to do the right thing, even with a crappy deck of cards, it just doesn't matter.

Nothing has changed with my health. It's just some IRS crap we have to do. Thankfully we know a tax expert extraordinaire so we'll just "Bite the dog," make the punch not as painful and move forward. But not before throwing a major fit!

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