Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh ThankBlog -- Week 3

Just a few days late, but still worth the wait for me. This week I am giving thanks for:

  1. A new picture with my brother and my mother. I loved being with them last weekend. Don't we clean up nice?
  2. Fall, rainy weather. This weekend a storm is a brewing here and I love it. It's chilly and overcast and rainy and perfect for hot cocoa and cuddling and warm blankets.
  3. Wonderful girl friends who lift me up, make me laugh, get me and let me be me, not just sick me. I'm so so lucky to be surrounded with so much love from my girls.
  4. Our Charlie girl finally returning to her normal self. She's still limping a bit, but she's got her spunk back, she's out of the corral and hopefully in a two weeks she'll be completely released from the confines of Operation Charlie's Knee program.
  5. New doctors, new alternative healing opportunities and refreshed avenues to getting me well (more on this next week.)
  6. T.arget. Oh how I HEART that store and it's ability to provide me with what I'm looking for and calm me as I walk the aisle. Weird I know, but it can't be denied.
  7. Lunch with an old friend today. I'm so excited:)
  8. Examples of true, real love in my life. Especially that of my parents. Today would have been their 34th wedding anniversary. I've said it last year, here, that their love was not always easy but it was lasting because they worked VERY hard for it. It's the best example I could have ever had on what it is really important in life. I'm beyond grateful.
Have you stopped to give thanks for the little and big things in your life this week?

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