Friday, October 15, 2010

Quote of the Week

An email conversation with the hubs this morning:

Me: Ok we have an appt tomorrow at noon to get Charlie's {cute pink} bandage removed. I told them that she is having trouble keeping her energy down, even on the sedative, and they said to talk to the nurse tomorrow, she might need to go up on her dose. I had to get up and give her one at 8:50 because she was just pacing around the room wimpering. She's tired now but not totally out, but I definitely think at least one at a time has to be the way.

Hubs: Thanks for setting up the appt. Crazy girl has nervous energy or something. It’s not much different than you were when you were in the hospital and recovering. You would get energy and would try to sleep but couldn’t.

Me: **Crickets, crickets -- wow!** I'm sorry babe! You have crazy girls in your life.

So there you have it people, Charlie's not much different than I am when recovering from surgery, even with copious amounts of drugs we can't settle down and go a little nutty;) I laughed my head off, really. And thus you have the hubs quote of the week. Happy Weekend!

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