Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm a Spoonie

Not to be confused with a spooner (but if you must know, I'm one of those too!)

Seriously though, I came across this website and was captivated. First by it's title, But You Don't Look Sick, I can't tell you how many times I've heard this or felt that implication when talking with someone. And it's true, most of the time I don't look sick, I work hard at that and also many of my issues are invisible.

But it was when I read the creator of this site, Christine Miserandino's Spoon Theory, that I wanted to jump through the screen and hug this woman.

The Spoon Theory describes perfectly what it's like to live with a chronic illness, whatever that may be. I seriously breathed a sigh of relief and was shaking my head agreeing with every word. She explains perfectly what I've been trying to convey. It's such a great visual representation.

I would love for all of you to take the time to read the Spoon Theory here.

I hope you read it with the intention with which I did, not as a request for pity for those that do live with illness, we do NOT want pity or praise for the way we have to live our lives, but as a way to gain a better understanding of those people in your life that deal with this on a daily basis and will indefinitely.

This is not just about me, we all know people living the Spoon Theory silently and this might just help us better understand them and be there for them.

Again, living with a chronic illness is something that many of us doing it work to rise above and move forward living the best life we can everyday. It's not always easy, we won't let it necessarily define us, but we will have to accept it's limitations and adapt so we can be the best we can for ourselves.

So with that said I'm a PROUD spoonie! I'm not always good at it and a lot of time I borrow against my available spoons to do the things I want to do, but I wouldn't have it any other way as long as I'm aware of the choices I have to make.

Hopefully all us spoonies will be able to have times where we have more spoons than before and that's really all we can ask for when everything else seems so uncertain.


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melissa said...

I truly thought that I kinda of got it but I now know that I didn't. Thank you for the new insight and for using your spoons on the buddy. I am overjoyed that you choose your spoons on him. I hope one day you and I can teach him about how precious life is. I know that one day soon he will know how lucky he has been to have you in his life and take care of him. WE love you so much and wish you a good journey and hope that maybe you will get one more spoon from Cleveland!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Mrs.Newton said...

Such a great analogy. I know I can never truly know what it feels like to be in your shoes. But, I feel like I understand better. Thanks for all the times you've used your spoons on me, Kate and Craig. I knew it was hard, but this put it in to a new perspective. XOXO