Saturday, June 12, 2010

She's Definitely My Dog

A couple of people have asked for an update on Charlie, so here you go. She is an absolute love and has the sweetest disposition. She loves to be around people and follows us all around. If she can, she'll sit right on our feet, sometimes I think she thinks she's a lap dog.

But she is still a puppy and with that comes some seriously nutty puppy behavior. She has a couple hours at night where she just likes to run, shake her toys, chase the cats and be wild. Thankfully she chews her toys and we haven't had any issues in the house. The backyard is another story. She's a digger and she's had her way with a few potted plants and flower beds.

She's still too young for obedience school, but we knew we had to start implementing some disciplinary techniques to combat her excited jumping, digging and play biting. So being the researcher I am, I jumped online and found some good techniques from dog behaviorists that already seem to be working, thank goodness. I was getting a little worried, even though I've been reassured it's all puppy behavior.

And as for if she fits into this family, well she certainly does in so many ways. And one in particular is quite ironic, funny and just down right weird. I mentioned before that she's been on the devil drug p.rednisone and b.enadryl and antibiotics for a gross skin infection that was being super stubborn. We've made a number of unexpected and urgent trips to the vet already. And weird things seem to happen to her. Hmmm, sound familiar?

She cemented her place as my dog this morning. The hubs took her on a walk and about a half hour after they got home he looked down at her and then looked back at me and in an urgent voice said, "We need to take Charlie to the vet now!"

A quick look and I saw the whole right side of her muzzle was completely swollen. The panic set in we called the vet, they said come in right away and so off we went. Turns out that she must have been stung by something on the walk and she had an allergic reaction. Good news was she is already on the devil drug and the B.enadryl, which is what they would have given her to treat it. We were sent home with the instructions to keep an eye on her and up the B.endaryl.

Seriously, emergency vet trips, stubborn infections, allergic reactions -- we can't help but laugh. She's totally worth it, and it just goes to show that some things are truly meant to be. Who else could appreciate her like we can. And now I tell the hubs he has two girls with issues in the house. Poor guy!

We go back to the vet for puppy shots (she hasn't been able to get the last round with all her ailments) on the 26th and then she'll have a surgery of her own (spaying) probably at the end of July -- poor hubs doesn't need to be taking care of two gimps. Then we'll start obedience school sometime in August. It's a lot of work, but so worth it. I love coming home to her and her sweet face.

We absolutely love having her and all her quirkiness. She's great company and a very big distraction as we have to watch her every move and tell her NO 1 million times a day (just like a kid.)

Below are a few pictures of her over the last month or so. Enjoy our girl.

The day we met her, she was so little.

The day we brought her home. Kisses for the camera.

Just relaxing with one of her many toys.

Today post sting, giant swollen face. Charlie 0, Biting Bug 1.

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