Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I. Want. A. Hamburger.

That is the first quote of the day. Hopefully we get some good ones later today.

Well, since I'm the "Hubs" its my turn to take over the controls of this blog while Al is flying high.

This morning started out similar to all the other surgery mornings with the support team eating breakfast and Al watching with only a little cup of water to enjoy. We arrived for check in right on time which is the only option in this family. As she went through the standard forms, questions, blood checks and bracelets all was on schedule according to the plan. For those of you who have been through surgical procedures before you end up going through a series of check points before you get to the final destination. I think we ended up going through 5 check points before Al made it to the operating room. And until the last check point everything was going well.

But we had hit delay. Al and I waited in the pre-op room for a long time waiting to head into surgery. The super British surgeon dude (I think thats what she calls him) was stuck in his surgery from earlier this morning......he was over two hours behind schedule!!! Now, we don't mind because we want him to take as much time as needed to do the job right with Al so as frustrating as it was to wait we don't want to rush anyone else. We don't want the patients after us to ask him to speed up on Al would we.

So we past the time talking to the nurses (who remember Al of course), listening to music (we were on a new side of the pre-op room with the radio), and telling jokes. Al was doing great for most of the time but as time past she was getting anxious and wanted to get this party started. And that is where we got the quote of the morning. "I. Want. A. Hamburger." I think it pretty much sums up her mood. For those that know Al, the all american hamburger is her comfort food. No cheese and turkey meat is preferred, thank you. She was ready to move past this stage and start the healing process so she can have her favorite meal.

Now the support team just waits in the "madness room" (a.k.a. waiting room but no one wants to be here waiting) for the experts to do their best to help her get better. We hope this is it and she wakes up as comfortable as possible. She has had post surgery problems before so we are hoping and praying it doesn't happen to her again.

I'll update the blog when we get to see her later today. Hopefully only a few more hours.

Thank you for all your love and support.

-The Hubs.

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