Friday, April 2, 2010


I know it's been way too long, but last week was a little bit nutty...

Yes it's true, I'm drainage tube-less as of Tuesday. Yeah! It's too soon yet to see how things are healing. I'm still in some pain over my hip and seeing a little pus, but I'm very hopeful that it's all part of the final healing. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts!

I did have an incident of the tossing the cookies sort that put me down for the count. My body is so AWESOME. (I have the market cornered on pooping, I am NOT a v.omiter, so I was NOT happy.) I don't even know what caused it, one minute my fabulous friend A was driving me back from my appt and the next I was getting super nauseous. Thank goodness we had to make a stop at A's mom's house to pick up little A because we ended up needing to stay for a while, if you catch my drift. EMBARRASSING! Thank you to A and the fam for taking such good care of me though, it was so comforting.

That was Tuesday and well Wednesday I was just resting and Thursday the hubs and I left to make the trek on up to Nor Cal to visit our families and love up on our sweet niece Super G! Man is she sure cute and changing so much. I can't believe she's already a month old. Anyway, we just got back home tonight and I realized, I needed to update my bloggy peeps.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend. I have lots of blog posts swimming in my head to get out in the world, but until then Happy Easter.

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Sarah said...

hiya! It's me. Hopefully you are still tubeless and healing up nicely. What's up with the barfing huh? Hopefully you are all fixed up now. Happy Easter back at ya!