Friday, April 30, 2010

Shower Power

My dad always had the most simple and most poignant one liners. One of my favorites and one that I think of every day is: "A shower always makes you feel better."

And for me this couldn't be more true. No matter what shape I'm in -- sick, in pain, tubes, tired, crazy, whatever -- if it's possible I always take a shower. I have to. There is some sort of rejuvenating, magical power in the trickle of the water.

Just standing in the hot water. (and I mean HOT water. I like my showers scalding, to the point where it literally peeled the paint in our bathroom and the hubs had to redo it;) I told you he was the best.) It's like it just washes the troubles and yuckies away. I know that I may be wasting some water but it's something that I do for myself and even if I'm going to just put comfy clothes back on, I feel refreshed and it's something nobody can take away from me. Not to mention the personal hygiene of it all.

I'm so obsessed with showers that when I was having my psychotic breakdown in the hospital back in October, I made my mom go and get me "shower shoes" because I wasn't going to be able to take a shower in what in my mind was a "filthy" shower without them. But I apparently still wanted to take a shower, even in my alternate state with the tubes and crap all attached.

And this past Tuesday when I was doubled over in pain, I had to take a shower before we left for SD. Call me weird, call me crazy, or come up with something better because it's not like I haven't heard those before;)

I have a fancy shower chair when I'm too weak to stand. I've taped up poo bags and covered drainage tubes and staples so I could just get the relief of a 20 minute shower. I've rested before and rested after, because it can be physically draining but oh so worth it. Whatever it takes it's worth it to me.

So there you have it random tidbit by Al, "A shower always makes me feel better." Even on a run of the mill day, it starts things off right and I'm so thankful for that. If you can, just take the time to enjoy whatever it is that rejuvenates you this weekend.


Sarah said...

My Dad was pretty big on the one liners too. Whenever I was sick - he would always say: "You sound better!" even though it was never the case.

It's funny what a shower can do to wash away pain and heartache and give you a fresh start. How are you feeling these days?

Aim said...

Word! Being a smelly belly (or feeling like one) can only make things worse...

Mrs.Newton said...

Agreed! Nothing beats a shower - especially if you get to put comfy clothes back on after!