Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hanging Around

Today was my follow up appt with Super Surgeon Dude after the tube removal two weeks ago. I still have pus and pain over my right hip, not as bad, I definitely believe the surgery helped -- but did it fix the problem, nope doesn't seem that way. I actually came to terms with this last week, ok at least I started to try to come to terms with it.

So when I saw SSD today, I just laid it out and asked him if I should just expect that Mr. Abscess will be hanging around for a while. He pushed around where the tube had been and said, "I suspect this thing is just going to continue to take time and peter out on it's own."

Exactly what I thought he'd say. Then he started looking at my stoma and noticed that at the top (in the same spot that wouldn't heal after my first surgery in October) that some of the skin was granulating and didn't look good. He whipped out the instruments -- scope, sharp metal poker, silver nitrate and apparently some scissors.

All I can say is thank goodness the hubs was with me and let me squeeze his hand. I was going to try and be a big girl and drive myself today, but decided yesterday that was probably not a good idea, look at me being smart:)

Anyway, SSD swabbed the silver nitrate and then I heard a snipping noise. I thought he was cutting out the remaining stitches that have been hanging out, but then I saw the hubs wince slightly -- he always does such a good job keeping a straight face as to not freak me out. But I learned in the car that nope, it wasn't the stitches it was a piece of SKIN! Yikes, but I couldn't feel it so who cares right? What I don't know when it's happening is always better.

There you have it my body is freaking AWESOME. Healing is it's favorite thing to do;) I go back to SSD in a month, we'll see how the pus is doing then. In the meantime I'm seeing my GI in a week and am going to talk with my PCP about my overall fatigue, blood work, etc. I know my iron is low and I'm wondering what else may be wacky that could be affecting all of this.

So Mr. Abscess is hanging around for a little while longer it seems. At least things are consistent, right?


Sarah said...

Geez. That is freaking disappointing. I thought that you would be flying after your last surgery. Ugh. Ugh. I wonder what it is exactly that is making you not heal. Are you holding up ok? Sending you huge hugs.

Mrs.Newton said...

UGH! Well I am very proud of you for having the hubs go with you!! I guess the abscess just likes you a lot...just like we all do! :) XOXO

Expectant Duck said...

ugh, sorry hun, hope he takes the hint and takes a hike soon.