Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We're all done and it's time for lunch.... Who wants burgers?!

Here's a quick update for everyone. Al made it through surgery and everything went well. She'll be in recovery for a few hours and we hope this is the fix she needs to really recover and move forward. Hopefully this is the last one for a very very very long time.

Al will be updating her blog again really soon. Thanks for all your love and support.

And so you know.... She'll be having a hamburger this afternoon since she hasn't eatin in a day and a half. That will make her smile. :-)


Janice said...

I dig burgers too. Tell her to enjoy!!! I'm having broth and green jello as I type...I'll be looking forward to a burger on Thur!! Feel better Allison and thank god the "alien" is gone! xo

Mrs.Newton said...

YAY! Hopefully your hospital stays will be a long distant memory for the years to come!! Enjoy that burger, girlie!