Sunday, February 14, 2010

Go Olympics

Since this is Valentine's Day, this is a totally random post about The Chronicles of Crap love birds: The hubs and I LOVE the olympics. We watch the opening and closing ceremonies and throughout the 12 or so days will most likely have it on some sporting event even if we don't really like it or get it. Which is weird because we aren't huge sports fans.

We love the spirit of the games, bringing people together and are always amazed at the talent and guts of the athletes.

For the most part they are a positive thing and that's I think why we like -- good vibes, smiling people, heart touching moments. Of course this year has already been so sad because of the heart wrenching passing of the Georgian luger.

So as we celebrate these games of the 21st winter olympiad, I hope you all are inspired just a bit, take a minute to cheer on your country and remember that some people give anything for their dreams.

Happy Olympics oh yes and Valentines day too -- I'm spending mine with my cute babe just enjoying a lazy Sunday ready to watch some crazy skiing or maybe even curling, wouldn't have it any other way. Here's to random bits of joy and love today and everyday.

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