Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Free

Yes that's right, I told the doctor to spring me from jail, I mean the hospital. I told him if he could write me a prescrip for pain and nausea meds that there was nothing else for me to do there. I promised to take it easy on my diet and travel safe. He laughed a little at me and my craziness and how straight forward I was, but well hey I wasn't taking No for an answer I have things to do.

My awesome mom flew in yesterday to help take care of me and the hubs and we are more grateful than we can even say. She is helping us pack, ran errands, is taking us to the airport tomorrow and is going to clean up our house before she leaves. But most of all he calming and loving spirit helps the hubs and I in these very tough and frustrating times. Mom we love you SO, SO much. Thank you for just doing what you do.

So tomorrow, we are off to NY. We won't get to see the great show we got tickets for or do a couple other things we would have liked. But the most important things is we are still going and we will be on that cruise. So Bon Voyage. It's really happening. EEK. 

Thanks for everyone's support and love and prayers these last couple of days. I know they worked because we still get to enjoy our trip. 


Natalia Ritchie said...

Ahhhhhhh freedom, so good!!

Summa G said...

have the BEST time on your cruise! freedom is fabulous, isn't it? talk you.