Thursday, February 12, 2009

Disregard Yesterday's Post

I just got a call from the IBD fellow I saw yesterday. She said that the person that read my capsule study yesterday was also just a fellow and that the "expert" reader of the study looked at it today and doesn't feel that I have problems in my small bowel and that all the ulcers and whatever else is "just" in my pouch. So that they think I probably "just" have pouchitis and that the two antibiotics should help that. That I need to focus on getting all of my stuff with the motility dr approved and scheduled to fix the sphincter problem.

So now it doesn't look like Crohn's but we don't really know. So please before you say that's a good thing, remember that this roller coaster has absolutely sucked and been harder than I ever imagined anything would be. And we are back to where we started with a maybe. In the long run I'm hopeful that all of this will be good news in my eyes. I hope the antibiotics work. But right now I'm so upset. 


Natalia Ritchie said...

I'm so sorry Al. I cannot imagine not knowing what is wrong, and being in limbo for so long. You need a diagnosis, so that not only you have the proper treatment, but also, so that you can move on with your life.
Sorry to hear about today. I really am. I'm hoping an answer comes soon.

todd storch said...

well at least this could lead to a 'better' long term diagnosis?

Anonymous said...

I get jacked up just reading this ordeal and I feel saddened to see the ball being dropped by some of the docs, the offices and the staff. Come on people, get it together, and pretend the patient is your very own child!

Remember Big Bob, and him telling the new officers to treat the people that you pull over as you would want your family treated.

The same message!

Spanky Manky said...

Man. I read the "disregard post" before the long explanation of the promising dr. app. How frustrating for you to be tossed around. I hope those approvals come quick and that the dr. people to get their act together. I wish people could all be like you will such great work ethic and diligence. Love you!