Friday, December 5, 2008

What's Up?

This is what you might be saying, what is going on, where are the updates on the follow up appt, when are we going to know some real answers? Ok so maybe those are my questions, but alas no answers to any of them yet.

I've been semi-stalking the med assistant at my GI's office (calls twice a day) as to the status of the referral approval. Well she keeps telling me she'll call right over and call me right back...but you guessed it she never calls back. 

So I'm trying to be in the Xmas spirit and not go all Kung-Fu Al on her. I will be calling again first thing Monday morning with some nice but stern words (that is unless by some miracle she calls me in the next two hours.) I'll keep you blurkers updated:)

On a positive note, I'm enjoying some TLC from my most fabulous mother. So thankful for her. She's here to help me with the Xmas shopping and decorating -- I've lost some of my independence with these major butt issues, but that's ok any reason to have her visiting is a good one. We are getting our first tree in the new house tomorrow and the hubby will be hanging the outside lights. Nothing like a little Xmas ambiance to keep my butt/brain in check.


Aim said...

Just wanted to say-your (stock) graphics don't go unnoticed- good job! :). That reminds me, we have to sched. an A.C.D. Company holiday party! :)

Al said...

Thank you, I'm glad you noticed. All those years of brochures and collateral pieces. A little graphic design rubbed off.

I agree about the ACD Holiday party, can I bring my spouse?!