Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Funnies

Ok, so because I've been feeling really crummy and blue this week and today has so far proved to be one of a lot of shooting pain and raw emotions, I thought it would be good to point out a few things that made me laugh or smile this week.

1. My hubby wearing a hideously hilarious holiday sweater (see picture) to his work's holiday dessert party in their lobby (this was in lieu of a real holiday party, times they are a tough.) Our funny friend -- whose bday was yesterday, happy bday -- found this sweater, which may actually be a women's sweater but what does that matter, and the hubby just had to wear it to work. He cracks me up all the time and I admire him for being bold enough to run this sweater in his place of business. Your funny honey!

2. The dynamic duo of J and A (see here if you have no idea who I'm talking about) -- this week I got to spend two days with the kiddos. Many things make me laugh or smile around them, but here's one story about each munchkin. 

For literally 10 minutes the Jazzy J and I played a very fun game where I sat in the hallway right outside his bedroom door, he stood just on the inside and closed the door, I would knock on it and push it open, he would laugh hysterically get all excited, gallop to the door and close it again in my face, this scene just repeated over and over. How can you not crack up yourself, a: when you hear that belly laugh and b: at the simple pleasure opening and closing a door can bring. This kid is magic for me.

The Adventurous A, made me get all happy when we were at the park and she kept calling my name in her sweet little voice. "Al, Al, are you? swing, swing." I just love to hear her say my name and have her come running to find me and jump in my arms. Need I say more, heart melting...

3. Having a dream about an old friend that we ran into each other in New York. When I woke up I emailed her and she emailed me back!! She's one of those people who just gets it and just seeing her name in my inbox made me smile. 

4. My new black boots. My mom surprised me and ordered the boots we saw in the mall and had them delivered. Even better she got them on a fabulous deal with no shipping. I love you Mom for all the ways you cheer me up. 

5. Delivering homemade cookies to our neighbors. It made me feel good to spread some holiday cheer and gave me an opportunity to talk to the neighbors on our right that we've never spoken to in the 10 months we've lived here. 


melissa said...

I am sorry that I only comment after I read a story about J but I can't help myself. Again, thank you for sharing. The mental picture in my head of J laughing and playing this game with you fills my heart with termandous joy.

Please share more as I live vicarously though you.

Aim said...

I'll bet on that same day you made a lot people smile and feel happy too...I'm pretty sure all those mentioned on that list would agree with me :) Your new boots are fab by the way!