Thursday, August 23, 2012

Before and Afters

Well now that we are back from the wedding and our vaca, I'm finally getting around to posting some kitchen pics. I'm going to try to do this in order, but blogger and pictures sometimes make me want to pull my hair out, so bear with me.

Aside from just a few more cosmetic things -- knobs, moulding and paint touch up -- we are fully functioning and loving every single thing about it. So many things make me want to cry with excitement about what we've accomplished and how it looks. If you've been here, it honestly doesn't even seem like the same place.

We were able to remove that small, weird half wall on the side of the old microwave to open up the space all the way to our back door. Look at all that usable counter space. 

First please note the hideous linoleum we had in the pic on the left, and take a moment to breathe in those hardwood floors on the right. To maximize space and use what we had better, we shifted the fridge to the back wall and extended our cabinets and counter space. Plus moving the microwave over the stove also was a better use of our small space.

Even the laundry area looks better with just clean white paint and the new floors. And yes that's extra TP in the pic on the right, you know whose blog you are reading, right?

And of course probably my favorite functional item, my new BFF, the dishwasher. I mean people, life has already gotten so much easier. I love it, I love how quiet it is, and I love that I now longer ration dishes because it just doesn't matter, I'm not washing them. 

Overall, we had a really good experience with this renovation. It was a lot of blood and sweat and a few tears, but so worth it. We wouldn't have been able to do it at all, let alone in the crazy timeline we had without some very wonderful family members and dear friends. Thanks you guys for making this happen. And I am just so proud of my hubs who worked so hard, most days going to his day job and then coming home to work on this back breaking project. It turned out better than we imagined. We are so happy.

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