Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Plunge(s) -- Hugh Mare Ah

Today was the day. We finally made it. Give me a Hugh, Give me a Mare, Give me an Ah -- It's Humira time! (not to be confused with Hammer time)

I was VERY nervous this morning, like full on butterflies, hands shaking nervous. And you want to know why, mostly because I knew the meds were going to hurt going in and I was worried about inflicting that one myself. I know dumb, but that's what I focused on.

All went well and thanks to my hubby and the great nurse, I feel confident in doing this at home from now on.

Enjoy the picture documentation of the party:)

Packed up on ice and ready to ride down to the initial injection party.

Cooler oh-meds in it's own waiting room chair.

I'm so nervous, I want to barf right now, but I won't because I'm too stubborn and I'll make the most out of this. Let's just get this show on the road already.

Numbing the area before the injections, trying to be brave and calm. Good thing I planned the proper pants so I didn't have to wear a gown, score!

After a tutorial on how to set everything up and reviewing all questions, etc. It was time to go. Injection one, trying to breathe through the pain of the meds going in. We have to count to 10 after the plunge before we pull the needle out to make sure all the meds go into the body. It does NOT feel good. And I knew I had three more to go.

After a little back and forth and internal dialogue, I decided to take the plunge and do the next one myself. I knew I wasn't going to get out of it at home, so I better start taking control now. I got it in place, made sure my thumb would be in the right place to discharge the plum button. The hubs and the nurse did the count to 10 with me, which made it more bearable.

Number 3, gaining confidence. Mind over matter. I will do this.

All four done, three by me! I went in thinking I was only going to do 2 of the 4 myself. I'm an over achiever, what can I say.

Today is hopefully the first day towards better every day life. I'll do two more injections two weeks from today and then every two weeks after that it will be one. Because of my stubborn body and advanced disease, they are estimating I should see results in 4-8 weeks. If it isn't significant enough, we'll add the methotrexate injection as well.

Although I feel headachy, nauseous and very tired (four doses will do that to a girl) I'm excited. Here's to hoping that we are moving down a road to less pain each day and more freedom!

P.S. This post is my 300th post on this blog, a sign maybe? You know I love numbers;)


Mrs.Newton said...

Al, you are my hero. Thanks for the photo documentation so we can all understand the lengths you go to be "normal." We love you!

P.S. Hammer Time! :)

Rocio said...

So proud of you!!! Awesome that you did 3 of the 4 as well. Now let's get you healthy asap ;-)

Unknown said...

I can't wait to get your "I feel so amazing" updates. Then you'll be posting pictures of the cartwheels that you're doing : )

Megan Harris said...

So beyond proud of you!!!! You go GIRL!!!!! I pray this is the relief you have been so deserving of and hope its sooner than expected! Call anytime!!! xoxo