Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's A So Cal Life

Although we may face some very big challenges and ultra tough days in the Chronicles of Crap Household, I've said it a million times we are very blessed.

Over the last couple of years, we have had some really amazing opportunities extended to us, and by us I mean the hubs through his job and I get to tag along just because I'm his wife;)

We've been to live TV show tapings, basketball playoffs, the Glee concert and more. Over the last two weekends we've been able to attend some knock-your socks off, probably once in a lifetime, oh-so So Cal events and we had a blast. Check it out...

First we went to the THE Grammy's! Yes the actual awards show, where we saw such amazing musical performances I cried (yes I'm a sap so what, I can't help it.) We just kept saying in all our life we couldn't buy tickets to such a diverse show, it was freaking awesome. It was so fun to get all dressed up, be on the arm of my cutie, walk the red carpet and experience what we've only ever seen on TV.

Getting ready to head up to Hollywood!

About to walk the real red carpet (on the lay person's side of course.)

View of the stage from the private suite we sat in!

Then this past Sunday we attended the World Premiere of Universal Picture's Dr Seuss's The Lorax. It was such a fun, whimsical experience. The party before was very Seussed out to the max -- fun colors, mini foods, Truffula trees all around. And the movie was wonderful, I absolutely recommend everyone see it. Great moral of the story, fun music, great voices, and funny too.

Amongst the Truffula Trees.

Walking the Orange Carpet.

And yes that is us photo bombing a paparazzi shot. That's Jenny Slate who's the voice of the mother in the movie. The hubs' coworker found this on one of the photog websites;)

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landonsmama said...

So cool!! What does Chuck do?! What wonderful experiences you get to have!! So jealous!!