Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pumping Iron

Here I am again, posting from the Infusion Center. It's good, uninterrupted time to post and focus.

About two hours after my last infusion the worst body aches set in, like the fly x10. So today we are going to try and combat that with a dose of Tylenol when I leave. I guess it's a side affect that's not common, but can happen. Go figure right?

I have to say I didn't notice a big difference in energy after the last infusion. There is some debate on whether my body can properly absorb the iron. So we'll see what happens after this one. I have one more scheduled for next Tuesday and then I go back to the GI the second week in August. My big question is why the seemingly sudden drop in iron lately?

I also finally have my MRI of my left hip this afternoon. Hopefully that will show something as to why my hip hurts and my left leg in general.

Speaking of that left hip, I didn't let it hold me back from going on a small hike while we were away last week. With the help of crutchy and the hubs, I was able to take in some of the beautiful oasis' in the desert (not to be confused with mirages!) It was hard and I was very sore, but it was so worth it.

Lesson learned, using the help of the crutch might just allow me to do more and more;) UGH, hard lesson, but it could be so much worse.

You want to know the greatest accomplishment of last week, actually going in the pool. It has been a long time -- four years -- since I have been able to do so without worrying about poo problems or post surgical issues and what not. It was glorious and I found the perfect waterproof band aid/gauze combo to effectively cover my little stoma buddy. Woo Hoo.

Also, spending so much time in the pool last week was so great on the whole bod. I'm going to look into some water aerobics too.

So you see our vacay was offered a plethora of discoveries and relaxing moments. It's moments like these that I realize again just how lucky I am. That I will continue to persevere and do the things I want even though it's hard on my physically because the emotional benefits are so great.

So as I sit here pumping iron, fighting the nausea battle that's raging once again these last days, I'm going to close my eyes and think of that hike, the gorgeous scenery and those pools and smile.


Sarah Andrews said...

Gorgeous pic. I had iron infusions 2 years ago and I had the body aches too. In fact my calves ached chronically while I was doing it so I decided to stop. My periods are heavy and that's why my iron was low. I now take a medicine to lighten my flow on heavy days which isn't hormonal cause my IBS and crap digestion can't handle anything extra hormonally. My iron is still low - like 35 but way better now. It breaks my heart to read your struggles lady. You've had enough.


Megan Harris said...

YOu are an inspiration - always looking on the bright side....its contagious you know! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Happy iron pumping! Try to sleep!

Janice said...

oh yes, swimming is the best on your body!!! just a note...our stomas don't need to be covered. I never have in the ocean and/or pool. even in mexico! no need to keep it sterile as our interbation is non sterile...if ya know what I mean. Swim away cutie...that is so great for your entire system. I find the water so cleansing for my mind and body. And heck you look awesome in a suit! enjoy!

Al said...

@Sarah, so nice to hear from you. I hope you are all well. Thanks for sharing about your iron infusions too,ugh if it's not one thing it's another.

@Megan, hugs. Can't wait for our next lunch date. So glad you are a blogger now too;

@Janice, you know how mucousy my stoma is, I have to cover to soak up that stuff otherwise I'd run free;) Hope to see you soon, I know you have surgery again this week. You are my hero.