Sunday, May 29, 2011

Totally Gleeky!

Maybe if you know me in person, you know that I'm one of those people who absolutely LOVES musicals. I've often said over the years, that I really wish life was like that, you know break out into song randomly and then just continue on like you didn't just perform a huge musical number. You know what I mean, no?

Well two years ago, when the hubberz came home from seeing a pilot for a new show on F.ox, he simply said, there is show coming out in the fall that was MADE for you. I couldn't contain myself, and he was so right.

Yes my friends I'm a total Gleek. At first I loved it all, the music, the writing, the characters. But now, I will say they really keep me coming back for more, simply for the big show stopping musical numbers. I HEART them.

We had talked about totally Gleeking out and getting tickets for the tour, but then I felt bad spending money on that. But not to worry, because this past week the hubs got his hands on some tickets for the show last Friday. He rocks!

Glee Live in Concert, yes please!!!!

And so we went, and it was magical. We already had awesome seats, but it turns out they had a huge camera and moving arm right in our section, so they relocated us to the other side of the arena to even closer seats. Plus they gave us some free swag for the trouble (see above.)

We were in the first section to the right of the stage in row B! The below image of the stage is taken from our seats. To the immediate right of us was the backstage and crew, we could see the performers before they went on stage, A-MAZING.

My face literally hurt after from smiling so much, we had a blast (the hubby is such a good sport.) The singing was outstanding and the dancing, oh the dancing. Plus the hilarity of all the screaming people just added to the fun. I'm just bummed we didn't take a picture of us with the stage behind us (I had a totally cute outfit on and all.)

Yes I know I'm a total nerd, but I own that big time and I'm proud of it!

It was a Gleeking perfect night.

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