Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hey Rheumy Take 3 -- Crutch?!

I went to see my buddy the Rheumy yesterday for my third appt.

I filled him in on how the Gabapentin made me Cra-zay! and I didn't even get any relief from my symptoms and he agreed it was good that I stopped when I did.

I let him know that new GI wonder has me on a new med to hopefully help if I have bacterial overgrowth, he liked that.

He was happy I hadn't started the second drug he had recommended last time since the prime side effect is nausea and since mine's been at a level 100 lately, we need to wait for a better time;)

I told him that all my other join issues had remained the same, no better, no worse, except for one...my left hip.

It started with sharp, random pain about three weeks ago and that has continued intermittingly throughout the day accompanied by constant throbbing.

Because he only had the right hip MRId back in January, we may now have to see what's up with old lefty. But we both agreed that before we do that we should see if it gets any better on it's own.

Are you ready for his suggestion on how to "rest" my leg?! Oh he suggested a cane or crutches, yes you read that right.

Now the funniest part of this story is that my mom was visiting when the hip started hurting and she suggested the same thing and I rolled my eyes at her and was pretty much not hearing it. UGH. Mom's really do know best, I guess;)

So my rheumy says I don't have to use it all the time, just to help lighten the load on my leg. I need to avoid a lot of stairs and use the heating pad. If it's no better in two weeks to call...

Could just be an arthritis flare, could me muscular, but what he's worried about is something worse, that whole avascular necrosis thing. We shall see, until then, I'll just be gimping around town hopefully with a sweet cane (he wanted me to get Canadian crutches -- the ones that go around your forearm, but they are $100! No thank you.)

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