Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Simple and Sweet

(This is the pizza we ordered Friday night. Yes it's HEART shaped!)

We are not big on the hoopla of Valentines day in the CC household, we like a more 365 showing of love in small and sometimes large ways. But we do like the spirit, a time to celebrate all the loving relationships in our lives.

But true to our style, we kept in simple and sweet. Friday night we ordered the "Valentine's Special" from P.apa J.ohns -- a heart shaped pizza and cinapie and played W.ords with F.riends (we are seriously addicted. dorky: Yes, crazy: Maybe) on our iPhones.

Last night the hubs made me dinner, all his idea. Grilled cheese sandwiches on fancy bread with fancy cheese and tomato soup. I literally teared up when I came out of the bathroom and he had an appetizer ready too -- salami, cheese and crackers. So simple, but so very thoughtful and sweet. I HEART that man.

We chatted at the table, we played our game on the phones and we just enjoyed each other.

I hope you all got and gave love to the people and pets that make your world go round and that you continue to do the same everyday. You never know what life will bring...

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