Tuesday, January 18, 2011


(Please excuse the bad self-portrait.)

Today I got a fresh trim on my long, flowing locks of hair and picked up my new reading/night-driving glasses.

I love fresh starts, whether it's a good hair cut every 7 weeks or new frames that hold the promise that I'll actually wear them when I need to (no guarantees here, I always pick glasses I like, but somehow the novelty wears off.) But I have hope it will be different this time;)

Love these mentally freeing days.

Also, happy 1st birthday to little Miss V and happy 30th birthday to my dear, puppet pal Mands. Two very special girls, celebrating milestone bdays today. Mwah!

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albucla said...

You're the best, Al, thanks for the sweet mention - love you, and love the new hair and glasses! Looks like I'll be working lots down in southern CA in the year to come - may have to dig out the old videos for PJ-clad trips down memory lane set to the tune of 'Here Comes the Hotstepper'. xoxoxoxo, Mands