Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oh Thankblog -- Thanksgiving Day!!!

I hope you are all enjoying your holiday in whatever way you are spending it. That you are feeling love or giving love or hopefully both. We've had a great day so far and it's only noon time.

So here's what I'm thankful for this week:
  1. The opportunity for the hubs and I to donate goods and time this morning, preparing meals for the homeless. It was a truly energizing and humbling experience. The organized chaos and the shear number of people out giving their time on this holiday was AMAZING. We hope to make it a tradition from here on out.
  2. The fact that although we still don't have a baby of our own in our arms or even an idea of when that might happen, that we still talk about the future believing someday that will be our reality (this isn't easy all the time, but that's not a topic for today.) Until our time finally comes and our miracle is here, the hubs and I are soaking in all this time we have just the two of us, knowing that one day (hopefully soon) we'll be making plans for three.
  3. Our loving families who are celebrating elsewhere today but are close in our hearts. We miss them so much, even though know we are all in the right places today. Happy 1st Thanksgiving to our adorable niece Super G -- we'll be there for Xmas.
  4. The internet and this blog. May seem silly, but I have found so much support and peace-of-mind out here on the world wide webs and I'm thankful to live in the time we do.
  5. The outpouring of support our friends and family and strangers have shown my sweet hubs as he prepares and fundraises for the CCFA half marathon next weekend. It's been such an empowering experience for him to have so many people behind him.
  6. Going to see Harry Potter this evening at a new, fun theatre in the area.
  7. For the many blessings I sometimes take for granted -- the resources to even go to the movie and do so many other non-neccisity things; a warm, snuggly house; the comfort of knowing we will have warm food to eat and a bed to sleep in; a giving, kind husband; medical technology and so much more.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all. In the midst of your food coma and hopefully at some point everyday, find at least one thing you have to be thankful for. I promise it will lift your spirits even just for a minute.

Lots of love from the Chronicles of Crap household.

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