Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Little Patient and Birthdays

We got word this morning that the little puppy girl, made it through her night at the vet hospital and is cleared to be picked up this afternoon (hubs will get her on his way home from work.)

Her surgery went well yesterday, and we will now commence the at home recovery portion. I'm guessing for the first few days that will be easier, as she will probably still be drugged and lethargic. It's in the next week or so when she thinks she's all better that it will be tough keeping her down.

But good news is she's on the other side and now she can get back to her puppy ways -- slowly.

We'll take a picture of the little cone head and keep you updated.

And just in case you didn't see the ticker, it's just two weeks until my appointments at Cleveland Clinic. We are getting the girls of the Chronicles of Crap household on their way to wellness (hopefully).

Also, today happens to be my magnificent mama's bday, yesterday was my baby brother's bday (he's 28, eek!) and the day before that my dear friend J celebrated her day. So here's the official shout out to the lovely libras in my life. Hope you all had/have days full of love and lots of happiness. Love you all to pieces.

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