Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baby Stepping

Just a quick, but promising update...

I spoke to the case manager at our insurance that is assigned to the hubs company. She was much more knowledgable about what is in and out of network. She looked up the CC and the tax ID number I had for them and found that the facility as well as the doctors are IN-network for us. Woo Hoo. That means we'll only pay 10% of the contracted rate, rather than 40% of the actual, non-contracted rate. 10% will still add up, but will be much more manageable. Thank goodness. And yes I did get this in writing, just to be safe;)

Also, we faxed the novel that is my medical records (102 pages to be exact) to the Digestive Disease Department at CC last Friday. I called today to follow up and the receptionist said they did have the information and that if I hadn't heard back from her by Monday at 1 p.m. (ET) -- so 10 a.m. our time, to give her a call back. I have to say every single person I've talked to at CC, even those working the switch board have been so friendly and helpful.

So I'd say things are actually falling into place quite nicely. So rare for me, but so stinking awesome. We still have a ways to go and a lot to figure out, but I'm hoping by early next week we'll have the actual appointments and some sort of a plan.

I'm feeling really confident about getting treated at CC and it's giving me the extra push I need to keep going (especially since I've been fighting a killer cold/cough.)

Little steps forward, but they seem so big and so fast after so much waiting.

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Donna and Larry said...

Things are looking good you guys, and we are praying for you!!
Donna & Larry