Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Morning Update

I spoke to my GI this morning. She spoke to the radiologist and he doesn't THINK he saw the telescoping that the ultrasound dr saw on Monday morning. Although he could not confirm or deny, so it's not ruled out. The radiologist did say he saw dilation of the small bowel. But this leads to more confusion because they don't know if that's caused by the fact that I have a k-pouch and sometimes part of the small bowel stretches out to act more like colon.

My thought on that is if it was supposed to be that way, my body adapting, I wouldn't feel this way.

My GI said she didn't want to "punt" me back to the surgeon, but that this may be out of her league in figuring out. So she was going to call British Surgeon Dude and then see about getting me in for a second surgical opinion with the Chief of Colo-rectal surgery at a local University hospital (I saw this guy last year before k-pouch and really liked him.) They are going to look at all my CT scans from May of 09 to present and see if they notice a difference from the two prior to k-pouch to the ones post.

So we are waiting again, but at least the doctors are talking and there is at least a baby steps plan to move forward. In the meantime, I've emailed a top GI at a world-renowned hospital across the country for some advice. As I said, I'm willing to go anywhere it takes to get well and move forward.

I still believe I'm having two issues, small bowel problems (partial obstruction, who knows the cause) and post-surgical residual infection. Both are important, both need to be treated.

Again, I'm glad to feel a little movement, but at the same time I don't really understand the somewhat lack of urgency. Why do we have to wait for things to get to a critical point to move super fast, obviously these scans are all showing signs of both of the above issues, I'm not making this up so lets get on it people. Chop Chop.

I love my GI and I'm thankful for her consulting the other doctors, she said she'd call me back this afternoon. So sit tight for an afternoon update, because that's what I'm doing...

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