Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So let me just say this, M.ilk of M.agnesia is a miracle worker. I had no idea how it could change my life, a little blessing from the pooping powers that be.

On Thursday, SSD said that I could try the M.o.M. to help with my thick, tarry stool. After my surgery that night I looked at the bottle with a very sore tummy for about 45 minutes before I got brave enough to down the "cherry" flavored chalky nastiness. I mean really, who wants to drink that stuff and who actually believes it's going to taste like cherry?

But let me tell you it got things moving like they hadn't in over a week. I had the best empty on Friday morning, I mean it went on forever. You know that scene from the movie A L.eague of Their Own, where T.om H.anks is peeing and it's the longest pee ever and it started and stopped a million times, yep that was me and it was awesome. My stomach was flat again and I swear I lost two pounds of poo.

I've taken a half a dose of the M.o.M. everyday since then and I think I'll taper off now because the color and consistency is slowly returning to normal. Thank goodness I was seriously worried about my little KP, it must have stretched so much.

On the healing front, today is the first day I've felt semi-ok. This one has been a much tougher recovery than I anticipated. I really thought, remove the gunk, remove the pain, but then I thought about it and realized I was in pretty bad shape going in and he had to dig deeper and wider than he thought so of course the pain was going to stick around.

The pain over my right hip is still worrisome so I'm going to call today just to check-in. I'll get the drainage tube removed next week and then we'll go from there. I'm still confident that this one has done the trick, so keep those fingers crossed.

Advice of the day, if you are "backed up" take the M.o.M. it will save your life or at least feel like it anyway.

P.S. Don't worry I'm not addicted to the M.o.M and I will only use on an as needed basis.

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Sarah said...

LOL! I used to use that stuff because of my IBS!!! But I just could never get over the taste so now I use lax-a-day which works under the same principles of drawing water into the bowel. Feeling not so plugged up is going to speed up your healing. Hope that you're having a good day!