Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I know, I know you are all wondering where in the world I've been. Ok, maybe not, but I've been feeling the need to update this lovely blog, but for some reason just couldn't get motivated.

Maybe it's because I don't really have a big health update -- KP is doing well, we are at 5.5 hours between intubation, the puss is definitely better, however the pain has returned and for some reason I've had a lot of mucous coming from my bum which is worry-some because if you've been following there should be no way for mucous to escape from that area;) But never fear I will be talking to Super Surgeon Dude about these little things tomorrow during my appointment.

One of the biggest things I'm trying to mentally overcome is my stamina. I feel disappointed in myself that I can't do more by now. I have to remember that this is not just recovery from surgery seven weeks ago, but I have been down for the count for three years now. WHOA, ok Al it's ok that you aren't walking a mile yet.

Overall though, things are definitely moving upward for the first time in literally forever. The future is actually real, we are going to be able to start figuring out our dreams and how to fulfill them. It's awesome, overwhelming, exciting and scary. But I'll take those feelings, just to feel the hope and be able to be looking forward past all this medical crap is such a foreign but miraculous feeling. It's real life again, we are jumping out of the Ground Hog's Day we've been living.

My emotions still range at any given time, but here are some things this week that have made me so happy.
  • Visiting with my oldest, dearest friend L. I've known her since junior high and we have shared some truly awesome times together. She came and stayed with us for two nights and it was the first time in probably 10 years that we've had that much time to just be together. It warmed my soul so much! A lovely holiday treat. Mwah, love you L!
  • I finally got to see my little munchkins, J and A. I haven't seen them since before surgery and I was missing them like I can't even explain. They were both waiting in the front yard for me and came running when they saw me, calling my name, my heart melted. They gave me big hugs, and told me lots of stories and were their normal crazy selves. It was AMAZING. I got to give them their Christmas gifts and boy there's nothing like watching little kids open gifts and the wonderment they have over the smallest things. The true beauty of the season revealed. I love them so much.
Alrighty then, that was a random post. Stay tuned for a dr update tomorrow and those promised holiday pics. Our house is so festive, I HEART it. Hope you are all having a lovely holiday season loving up on the ones you adore.

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