Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Totally Abcessed

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Today I'm going to tell you a little story about a girl, her buddy KP and her boy and their recent adventures to San Diego. Now this girl, Tiny But Mighty Health Crusader lady, and this boy, Hero the Husband, were scheduled for a little follow up visit to see Super San Diego surgeon this past Tuesday.

If you've been reading the previous posts than you know this girl and this boy had been waiting not-so-patiently for Tuesday to arrive, because it would mark the official start of K-pouch Phase 2. (Tiny but Mighty went a little rogue, with permission from Super SD Surgeon -- she's still a goody two shoes at heart -- and unofficially started Phase 2 on Monday because poor little KP was in dire straights.)

So after a call from the surgeon's office early in the morning to see if they could arrive earlier than scheduled (not too much since they live an hour and a half away), Tiny but Mighty and Hero the Husband made the trek on down to SD. The appointment went well, Super Surgeon poked around the surgical area but didn't look at KP which was odd. Tiny but Mighty explained the really excruciating pain still lingering around the hip and lower pelvic area and how it still hurts to the touch. He said it might be Shingles and to keep an eye out for a rash. What SHINGLES? Oh well at least Phase 2 was officially commenced during the appointment. As a last rogue behavior, Tiny but Mighty removed her leg bag of the last time in the Parking Lot -- oh yeah that's right the parking lot. (Sidenote, Tiny but Mighty's new supply bag in her purse had everything she needed in it even in a parking lot -- go me, I mean go her!)

The rest of the day was normal, KP got intubated every three hours, no problems at all, everything was right on schedule. Then after the 8:15 intubation and subsequent cover of KP with his gauze dressing, Tiny but Mighty smelt something yucky and asked the Hero Hubby if it was the cats. But to her dismay when she looked down it was not the cats at all, something horrible yucky was oozing from poor KP.

OH NO!!! What do do. It was a bunch of liquid, whitish/yellowish puss pooling in KP. Tiny but Mighty called her K-pouch expert and she said to keep the area covered and clean and keep intubating on schedule but to also call the oncall dr, because you don't mess around with puss.

Well arrogant on-call man didn't have the time or courtesy to call Tiny but Mighty back, just relayed the message to either go to the ER or come back and see Super Surgeon in the morning. Um say what, that's the answer, NICE. Oh girl and boy were so NOT HAPPY and demanded that Super Surgeon call first thing in the morning.

But onward they pressed and rigged up a gauze pad with a washcloth strapped over it. Tiny but Mighty stuck to her intubation schedule and every time she did she had to clean the oozy yucky mess of puss up. Finally morning came and Super Surgeon actually did call and said to come on down and not be surprised if a little stay in the hospital might be needed.

As they arrived at the office and walked in, they waited. Once in the office, Super Surgeon took one look and started swabbing KP with a Q-tip and said all the puss was from a draining abscess. Who knows where it came from? Who knows if it will come back? But for now it's more antibiotics and hopefully now that the abscess has drained on it's own some of the other pain will go away. With that Tiny but Mighty and Hero Hubby were on their way back home for lots and lots of rest.

So the moral to this story is that with Tiny but Mighty you must always stay on your toes. Could be Shingles, might need to pop up with an abscess you just never can tell. She might want to drive to SD twice in two days and wipe herself out. But one things for sure thank goodness for the calmness of the Hero Hubby and his amazing driving skills otherwise Tiny but Mighty would have had to have been bussed to San Diego. Oh yes and always make sure you have enough gas in the car for spontaneous road trips.

The End!! (for now)

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