Friday, November 6, 2009

Back Home and on the Road

Just a very quick post to let you all know I was sprung from jail, I mean the hospital yesterday and we made it home in the afternoon.

I have lots to post and catch up on, a lot has happened. But right now I'm just trying to adjust to being home, my new contraption that's will be with me the next two weeks and getting my emotions, systems and products in order. But we are on the road to figuring things out.

I'll be back soon with details and funnies, don't you worry. Thanks again for all your love. And thanks to the hubs for the great posting while I was under-the-influence...


jax said...

I am so happy to read that you are home. I pray that your recovery goes smoothly, well as smooth as posible. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take good care of Al she needs you. i hope to talk toyou soon,
love, jackie

Mrs.Newton said...

Welcome home, Al! You're on your way!!
J, C, K & P