Friday, October 30, 2009

That's one for the win column

By all accounts today was a successful day. Al had real food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It might not meet any nutritional standards but it’s a start. Toast and juice, more toast and juice and for dinner…toast and ice cream…oh and more juice.

Al did a great job and completed two walks today. We went out into the hallway to the elevator lobby with a loop around the nurse’s station for good measure…twice!! Tomorrow the goal is to do the same walk three times. She did a great job and only needed to stop a few times along the way to rest. It was a sight to see.

Tomorrow is a new day with new challenges. But today Al gets a point in the Win column.

"Green means Go for the Meds"

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Craig said...

Nice job Al! You're a champ, just like we knew you were! Keep on fighting girl and you'll be back to the gym and yoga in no time. We love you!
J, C & K