Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fun Photos for Halloween

Ok, not all of these photos are for Halloween. Some are to show you how Al is doing during her journey and some just because we're bored hanging out in waiting rooms. You can only spend so much time in one room before you go a little goofy.

Watch out! She will bite you.

Trust me. I'm a Doctor.

Mama gonna knock you out!

"K-pouch 4 Life"
We're starting a new gang and we have a sign now.
Next step...colors. I bet we'll end up with pink or something.

Chair surfing because I can and nobody was left in the waiting room.

Going for a walk.
It takes several minutes and people just to make it to the door.
Al is a strong girl because she keeps pushing to go for more.

(this could be breakfast, lunch or dinner. The tray always looks the same)

1 comment:

Craig said...

Looking great, Al! And what an awesome support team you have! It's such a testament to what fantastic people you are that you can laugh through the pain!
J, K & C