Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Always Looking Up...

My butt that is. Ba-dum-ching!

Today was the butt photo shoot. As suspected I do have pouchitis -- inflammation in my j-pouch. So for now we are going to try the Flagyl again (antibiotic), starting with a lower dosage to see if that eliminates the side effects I usually get with it (neuropathy.) If that doesn't work, I'll start on a steroid called Entercot. So fingers crossed, "no neuropathy, no neuropathy!"

I do have to say that the facility the procedure was at was very nice and the people were great. I had a really funny male nurse who had some pretty corny but awesome GI jokes. Hence the headline and opening joke:) I love it when the staff can joke around, I mean they are looking up people's butts and talking about poop and farts all day long, it's weird when they are stiff. My guy also said if he was an actual GI dr he would change his name to Seymour;) And as the added bonus I got my beloved conscious sedation, so I don't remember a thing from the actual photo shoot. Yeah!

Thank you to my dear friend J, for driving me and taking awesome notes and getting me back in the house safely. You're and excellent nurse and you rock!!!


Mrs.Newton said...

So, that's how you spell those drug names. I was way off! :) I'm so glad I could be your nurse. Always happy to help out the bestest girl I know. XOXO

Natalia Ritchie said...

You always make me laugh!! I too joke around with the technicians often, but I don't get the same reaction. I think they look at me and think, oh my god....you're so young....getting a transplant...and it's like I have to convince them that I'm okay, and everything will be okay.
I know it's not the same thing, but I too like when people doing these type of 'procedures' are light...I have one RT who does my lung function that I just LOVE! We talk about kids, and our lives and he makes me feel like a person. those people should get paid more!!! LOL!!

Charlotte said...

Just found your blog whilst trying to find out information about Pouchitis and struggling to stop reading it :-) I think I am having my first experience of pouchitis hence the interest. I had my surgery last summer too although I confess that fortunately I have had a much smoother ride since - so far.

I just quit writing my blog as everything seemed rosy and then this flared up - sods law :-(

I hope you find good health very soon.