Thursday, April 23, 2009

Still Waiting

A non-informative update here. We still have no news. I haven't seen the letter my PCP said he was going to write to accompany his referral request to my IPA to see the K-pouch guy in San Diego. I emailed my PCP this afternoon to follow up.

I was supposed to see my GI this afternoon, but unfortunately she had a family emergency and had to leave the country. My new appt is not until May 8! URGH. I feel bad for her family, but I'm so sick of waiting, it's eating me up. 

I just want answers, want to move forward with planning, I hate being in limbo again. But I still do feel really good about San Diego guy, I think it will all work out and that I will be able to have the K-pouch. I've been doing a lot of reading and this procedure will be hard and the recovery and adaptation process will be harder than anything I've done this far, but it will be so worth it for my body image and overall quality of life. I'm sure of that. 


todd storch said...

personally I'm always in favor of doing what's 'harder' now to make the future 'better'. I know you and I think alike.

todd storch said...

the K-Pouch sounds interesting... kind of like you're a keg and you always have crap on tap? lol, Crap on Tap... hehe, sounds like a good 'Take Steps' team name??? The logo is already floating in my head...